Where SGX and LSE listings differ

Published April 06, 2014

First Published in Business Times on April 4, 2014


WE refer to Mak Yuen Teen’s letter “Jardine group listing changes raise questions” (BT, April 1, 2014).

Singapore Exchange (SGX) secondary listing differs from premium and standard listings of the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Rest assured, in all our dealings with listed companies and market participants, SGX puts foremost importance on good governance and shareholders’ interest. SGX is in discussions with the Jardine Group on its proposal. However, we are unable to discuss our dealings with individual companies.

With respect to the issue of premium and standard listings on the LSE, they refer to different criteria to qualify for a primary listing on the LSE. They are distinct and should not be confused with a secondary listing. A standard listing on the LSE is based on European Union standards as prescribed through the EU directives. Premium listings have requirements which differ from the EU standards

Mohamed Nasser Ismail

Head of Issuer Regulation

Singapore Exchange

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